Dr. Mária Békésné Dr. Harmathy acquired her degree at Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences with classification of "summa cum laude", with which she worked as an associate at the 22nd Law Office in Budapest until passing the bar exam. After that, she became the wife of Dr. Imre Békés, Hungarian jurist and professor, with whom they had two sons, Balázs and Adam. During this time, for a short while, she left the field of attorney-at-law. Firstly, she became the legal advisor of Budapest Transit Company (BKV Zrt.), then she worked as the assistant manager of its casualty department. Later, she worked as the legal adviser of KISZÖV in Pest county and then became the head of its legal department.

However, going back to the field and being an attorney-at-law was one of her everlasting dreams, thus she joined again the 22nd Law Office in Budapest in 1984 as an attorney-at-law. After the regime change, she worked as an individual attorney; she joined our firm as an attorney-at-law in 2009.

Her main focus is civil law and family law; furthermore, she has also gained experience in criminal cases throughout her career.